The World Is A Ghetto

The world is a ghetto

The world is a ghetto the world is a ghetto

I walk the beat with some pretty street fellows

And we agree the world is a ghetto

Just speaking what I see from my eyeholes

The way we treat each other kinda savage on the real tho

You can’t avoid it, it’s right up at your front do

And they ain't knocking or asking they bulldoze

The world is cold like a hundred below

My man said he only fears running out of ammo

The world is a ghetto the world is a ghetto

Bodies in the street every night it’s the same old

Syria Gaza L.A. Chicago

Heapa gunshots nuff youth blood flow

I don’t want drama but hey mama we gotta roll

They bombing everything schools to the corner store

So now we refugees walking these dirty roads

If anybody give a please say so

We need to find a light there is hope in the darkness

Hope in the darkness ( it’s a ghetto )

We need to find a light

Yeah Um


Crazy how it go down I seen it in slow mo

Kids get sick and for some there’s no tomorrow

I couldn’t tell ya why without a lot of sorrow oh

It’s kinda deep I know serious flow

But the truth ain't hiding it’s live and in stereo

They tryna keep positivity on the low

So I don’t watch the news I watch how it go

It’s a ghetto it’s a ghetto

I can’t say it more plain to ya kinfolk

House cost a mil property cost 4

But they boujee attitude is just so ghetto

It is what it is and that’s the way the cookie crumbles

Never ever envy wicked men that’s from the Bible

But leaders aint leading they rather follow

Even if it mean poisoning a hundred mo’

Come on man

We need to find a light there is hope in the darkness

Hope in the darkness

We need to find a light


We hustling our fingers down to the bone marrow

Still can't ay the rent they call us the working po’

If God don’t help us out we done for

So I'm praying and I'm praying and I'm praying some mo’

Yo ghetto lights ghetto frights ghetto fame

Ghetto night ghetto heights ghetto games

Ghetto sights ghetto fights ghetto shame

Ghetto types ghetto stripes ghetto fame

It’s a ghetto


We need we need we need to find a light

Ooo oooo ooo

There is hope there is hope

there is hope in the darkness

umm we need to find a light

yeah we need to find a light


even if the world is a



As the world turns / I let the smoke burn on 
walking amongst angels who lost they way home, 
broken wings / rusty halos 
I can’t talk I paddle the same boat , let's go    
situation's real 
broke out the containment field 
can't admit i'm wrong for my pride and my zeal 
but inside i just feel 
so eager to be healed 
from the pain i conceal 
and the shame it reveals  
heartbeat rate say no time to waste 
i n i scratch and scrap 
fi any likkle day break 
let the strings play, 

let the bass pound 
everybody's showed up to watch how it plays out 
nuff wickedness  this way come about 
lead me not to temptation Lord but lead me out. 
an angel singing in a high pitched key 
it sounds lovely I hope she wrote it for me … cuz im drowning 

Stephanie: here me now today  
down on my knees trying to find a way  

I know it’s dark / it  kinda make ya wanna lose heart 
Pharaoh behind me in a cart and I’m trying to make the waters part  
Trapped in the same cycle again
 and I’m drowning & I’m drowning   
caught between love and hatred 
feeling like a mad man say I’m Don Drapping it 
the waves crash i gasp ,lack of oxygen 
fading fast ,swerved and crashed back into the mix again 
memory loss blessings in disguise  
next time come a likkle more wise  
Now take a deep breath  in 
Pull the curation back let the opera begin… cuz we drowning  

Stephanie: hear me now today  
down on my knees trying to find a way  
Is anyone coming to save me, or is it me, myself and I 
trying so hard to break away ,from all this pain inside 
Is anyone coming to save me, or is it me, myself and I 
one step closer each day, trying to find my why ooooo ooooo 

standing at the cross streets/ aint been the same since i lost sleep 
i feel the breath of the death beast  
looking for an entity to take this emptiness from me ( 2x)

Come Alive ft. Annette SUmmerset

Michael Burnz light It Up proper dude/ No brakes couldn't stop if I wanted to / The fire’s in  my chest it’s bout to burn a hole through / Time to break em off something they ain't used to /  I'm determined in spirit not hearing otherwise/  Faith over fear, Truth over lies / somebody tell em they done went and got the wrong guy/ I'mma spark a bonfire/ bet it be a black tie/ Orange county Holler at me I'll be on the side / Laguna Beach with my peeps tryna come alive/ up and down PCH we be smashing / top down music up with the AC blasting / Rest in peace Mr. Solo West Coast to the casket / If you ask him he'll probably tell you be bout your passion

Come alive yall

Oo ooh ooh ooh / Oo ooh ooh ooh come alive

Keep it real That's the only way we know to keep it/ careful what you sow cuz you for sho will reap it / Can I get a amen from the deacons/ lot of people talking. Not a lot of people speaking/  more love. More healing more life, more teaching / more more reaching to the deepest darkest regions / letting love do the preaching where the blood on the cement / cry out for a reason. Just a little hope of healing / cuz ain't no rhyme or reason, we just looking for some meaning now / Haters get mad when you move past the ceiling /  it's cool when you kneeling  now you just ain't that appealing/ They like a set of blinds they ain't trying to see you shine /  but my design is divine find a weaker mind / Naw  I ain’t  perfect but a ninja work it  just fine/  Ain't bout the circus i just murk it when it's go time!


Oo ooh ooh ooh / Oo ooh ooh ooh come alive

I feel your pain / You hustle with all your muscle but ain't nothing changed / Looking for something to blame / but the man in the mirror says focus your aim / Deadshot show em what you got / in a tight spot Never give up on a fight/ Dig deep show you right / One love to my people yo./ strength and patience is a rocky road /  So when you feel you about to explode / remember you are stronger than you know / And if they try to rock you like a queen show / Well that's the saying go / You got to let them know!

Oo ooh ooh ooh / Oo ooh ooh ooh come alive


Good Things w/ Hybrid D.N.A.


I've been stargazing trailblazing

I see good things happening now


It's like the best day my energy is great

It’s sum in the air I can feel it vibrate 

I'm seeing thangs through frames like some Armani shades

let's make it happen I'm the captain of my destiny

unstoppable yo, that be the mantra

I'm a monster that keep getting stronger 

sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under

through the pain and the rain the lightning and all the thunder

I see…. Good things happening

I'm Johnny on a quest simm simm salabiem

everybody on my team blessed to the brim 

yo my future working out, like it live at the gym

to the good


I've been stargazing trailblazing I see good things happening now 

We keep dreaming we keep seeing all those good things


am I living the dream or is it living me 

peaks and valleys I'm just thankful for the journey 

I put the work in good things happening 

This ain't luck This is never giving up an inch 

This is passion in action out on the fringe 

where them haterz and naysayaz ain't never been 

where the best manifests through the thick and thin 

and you begin to see the vision through the right lens 

stargazing I can't help it bro 

I close my eyes my mind is a telescope 

and I can see planets moving to and fro 

They say the world is yours if you believe so


I've been stargazing trailblazing I see Good things happening now 

We keep dreaming we keep seeing all those good things


Young world what's good


Good things happening now keep things going somehow look up to the stars grateful for where we are where we're going to go who we're going to be these are the good things I see


Now throw your hands to the sky if you feeling me 

I got that blow a fuse never lose energy

I'm tryna get it like it got gold in it

take it to the fam and we all gone split it 

One Love I'm Bob Marley with it 

no limits, everythang  vivid

my DNA is hybrid my Aura is the livest

no stress no bias just blessed to the highest and the good

What’s good 

We Keep dreaming we  keep seeing all those good things

MikeMic yall,  Hybrid DNA

I've been stargazing trailblazing I see good things happening now we keep dreaming we keep seeing all those good things


Bless Up featuring Morea Nahani

Dreamers keep dreaming 
Thinkers keep thinkin 
Lovers keep lovin while the schemers keep scheming 
Believers keep believing, sleepers stop sleeping 
We headed 2 higher ground jamming the sounds of Steven 
Life ain’t fair nah brutha not even 
Never u complain or blame just keep breathing 
Trust God for leadin / keep yo hustle beastin 
When the time’s right we gone all know the reason 
Mike Mike give ya that fruit in due season’ 
Never to raw , never to sweetened 
Just the right mixing people listen to the teaching 
Real recognize real when the real speaking  ayo 
It’s blood seeping thru the  concrete cracks and It’s 1, less heart beatin 
 we pray that God receive him 
and  his dreams live on Martin was still preaching 
give thanks for life young king keep achieving   


I have a vision, of a world full of love 
Restored and I will follow the one who will see it be done   

the Lilly in the valley, the diamond in the rough 
don’t hate the pressure it’s for God’s purpose  
mama earth’s crying , she trying , to adjust 
but the oil in the drinking water make her nauseous 
  we fussing and a fighting 
 fighting and a fuss   ain’t nobody dying but us 
the kings aint treating the queens how they use to 
they getting more respect shaking  a$$ on youtube 
hate to tell it like it is but someone got to 
cuz when the money starts it’s hard to tell shorty not to 
they say u can triple that if u would get nude 
now she on the red carpet making her debut. 
The gurl is beautiful, sweet but she got no clue 
Ask me how I know , we went out a time or 2 
Ayo dig / she got dreams big as skyscrapers is  
shorty want the picked fence , big house couple kids 
A queen in disguise it take a king to notice 
Dreams come true young queen stay focused 


I have a vision, of a world full of love 
Restored and I will follow the one who will see it be done 
We all tryna get it that much is really true 
Watch ya back cuz these snakes’ll turn on you 
So you say so you say what can we do  
Except ask God for mercy and His insight to 
It’s all clear when you look in the rearview 
After the dirt’s did it’s pivotal now learn from the issue  
I’m with 4giveness / but dudes want revenge 
Cross the bredren them dudes is all in 
Do we blame the environment they in ? 
Do we blame the color of skin  or government’s pen ? 
It’s all part of the talespin  since cotton gin, we been
Behind the 8 ball quit a challenge/
It’s a sad story cue the violin 
Words mean nothing when the trust is paper thin/ 
Street dreamer keep dreaming try to take it on the chin 
Can’t nobody stop you but you in the end 


I have a vision and I will give my all 
Despite the setbacks, for there is a future I’ve seen 
And im gonna follow His lead, toward that dream 
Cuz I have a vision and I have a dream umm
I have a vision I have a dream


V1 - What it do my brother  
God ain't cool with how we treat one another 
 I am somebody I'm a son I'm a brother  
I'm a father I'm a nephew I'm a soldier I'm a lover  
I'm a man G*tDam*t  respect my life  
and I know who I am can't lie to me twice  
educate over hate let love leave the debate 
 the future is its taking the clock is ticking away  
the light is shining a blaze the truth is taking the stage  
some people been wearing masks before the first covid case  
we in the streets let it be known  
Wailing  like Bob Marley them revolution  
fist in the sky a million strong /  another 10 waiting for word to get it on  
black and white locking arms yellow, tan , brown palms  
it just feels like the storm 

We been asking for attention 
But aint nobody listening  
Our daughters coming up missing, can anybody tell me why 
I show love like im suppose to be  
But no love is shown back to me 
I thought we were one family hey, can anybody tell me why  

V2 - all lives matter that makes sense 
 but black lives don't get the same treatment 
 I am not lesser I'm 100% 
 I'm the descendant of kings and Prophets 
 Royal blood of the royalist continent  
my lineage is warriors doctors and scientists but 
 that's easy to forget when they treat you like a slave  
don't dismay I'm going to bring it back like a DJ  
what you're talking about, y'all sound cray 
Let the  love in it'll take the pain away 
 we shine the Light put it on display / for the people them lost in the disarray 
 unity is all we need every generation every color every creed  
if one of us oppressed then none of us is free 
 you can hear us down the street just as loud as we can be 


Bridge: God Bless humanity / i just hope they include me / one blood we all bleed/ one love one community

V3- Organize my brother ,power is with the people when we tight with another 
 it's divide and conquer like a mother /they some suckers trying to keep the truth wrapped in undercover 
 make room for the lovers no filters no buffers  
we loud we proud and we down the cause of ruckus yo 
 from the usher to the governor 
 respect color

do it for the culture!


Naturally ft. Morea Nahani


I know its wars overseas 
Call it Ripley's Ya Just Can't Believe
even back home it ain't peaches and cream
cuz that hate thing tearing us apart at the seams
Optimism in realism take a back seat
They try to weigh you DOWN until the boat sink but
we not we not going down so quick
BOOMSHOT we rock like some ChAmPioNs bruh
it got me by when getting by felt so long 
and i got thru when getting through felt so gone 
it’s tuff living right in a world full of wrong 
but people hold on we say joy soon come
moving to fast smash the break drum
Tryna get a hold of gold and platinum
A wise man told me Mike seek wisdom
stay strong cuz word is bond 
from the penthouse to the slum

It just come so naturally
Shine a light for all to see
People wander in the dark
Who can lead them
They carry broken hearts 
Who will heal them 
Love could really set you free

i know it aint easy
seem every dollar u make government got a fee
nah i aint crying my eyes just watery
they  POLI-TRICKS be 
messing with my allergies
i don't need a pill or a liquid anything
just a positive vibe from the lives of family
we swore it with blood bonds
whenever called upon to go and go beyond
what it takes to get it on

Naturally we be that charm, you can't break us we to strong
we don't stop we all night long  , ring di ring di alarm
and say peace to all the kings, peace to all the kings
peace to the drum to the bass to the strings
peace to the fiyah peace to the Earth
but peace yourself first we call that self -worth

It just come so naturally
Shine a light for all to see
People wander in the dark
Who can lead them
They carry broken hearts 
Who will heal them 
Love could really set you free

I see u hurting it ain’t working
Even the greatest surgeon knows life aint certain
It aint certain nooooo
I know a place much better we can go there together
It could be more than you’d dreeeaam

EXCLUSIVE 3rd Verse on Streaming Version.

I know it’s making u  sore
They tryna run game and U just heard it b4
What they offering, you can’t settle for
Get your pride off the floor babygirl you’re worth more
When the money starts its gone be hard to ignore
It’s like magic and it come at a price you can’t afford
on the really what the deali-o
they wanna put a price on a priceless soul
they wanna feed you lies and feed em to you cold
but our love is to bold so naturally we let it flow
let's go let's GO

It just come so naturally
Shine a light for all to see
People wander in the dark
Who can lead them
They carry broken hearts 
Who will heal them 
Love could really set you free