Bless Up Lyrics

Dreamers keep dreaming

Thinkers keep thinkin

Lovers keep lovin while the schemers keep scheming

Believers keep believing, sleepers stop sleeping

We headed 2 higher ground jamming the sounds of Steven

Life ain’t fair nah brutha not even

Never u complain or blame just keep breathing

Trust God for leadin / keep yo hustle beastin

When the time’s right we gone all know the reason

Mike Mike give ya that fruit in due season’

Never to raw , never to sweetened

Just the right mixing people listen to the teaching 

Real recognize real when the real speaking  ayo

It’s blood seeping thru the  concrete cracks and It’s 1, less heart beatin ,

 we pray that God receive him

and  his dreams live on Martin was still preaching

give thanks for life young homie keep achieving 


I have a vision, of a world full of love

Restored and I will follow the one who will see it be done

the Lilly in the valley, the diamond in the rough

don’t hate the pressure it’s for God’s purpose 

mama earth’s crying , she trying , to adjust

but the oil in the drinking water make her nauseous 

while we fussing and a fighting and a fighting and a fuss

ain’t nobody dying but us

the kings aint treating the queens how they use to

they getting more respect shaking  a$$ on youtube

hate to tell it like it is but someone got to

cuz when the money starts it’s hard to tell shorty not to

they say u can triple that if u would get nude

now she on the red carpet making her debut.

The gurl is beautiful, sweet but she got no clue

Ask me how I know , we went out a time or 2

Ayo dig / she got dreams big as skyscrapers is 

shorty want the picked fence , big house couple kids

A queen in disguise it take a king to notice

Dreams come true young queen stay focused



I have a vision, of a world full of love

Restored and I will follow the one who will see it be done


We all tryna get it that much is really true

Watch ya back cuz these snakes’ll turn on you

So you say so you say what can we do 

Except ask God for mercy and His insight to

It’s all clear when you look in the rearview

After the dirt’s did it’s pivotal now learn from the issue 

I’m with 4giveness / but dudes want revenge

Cross the bredren them dudes is all in

Do we blame the environment they in ?

Do we blame the color of skin  or government’s pen ?

It’s all part of the talespin  since cotton gin, we been

Behind the 8 ball quit a challenge/

It’s a sad story cue the violin

Words mean nothing when the trust is paper thin/

Street dreamer keep dreaming try to take it on the chin

Can’t nobody stop you but you in the end



I have a vision and I will give my all

Despite the setbacks, for there is a future I’ve seen

And im gonna follow His lead, toward that dream

Cuz I have a visin and I have a dream ummmmm

I have a vision I have a dream


V1 - What it do my brother  
God ain't cool with how we treat one another 
 I am somebody I'm a son I'm a brother  
I'm a father I'm a nephew I'm a soldier I'm a lover  
I'm a man G*tDam*t  respect my life  
and I know who I am can't lie to me twice  
educate over hate let love leave the debate 
 the future is its taking the clock is ticking away  
the light is shining a blaze the truth is taking the stage  
some people been wearing masks before the first covid case  
we in the streets let it be known  
Wailing  like Bob Marley them revolution  
fist in the sky a million strong /  another 10 waiting for word to get it on  
black and white locking arms yellow, tan , brown palms  
it just feels like the storm 

We been asking for attention 
But aint nobody listening  
Our daughters coming up missing, can anybody tell me why 
I show love like im suppose to be  
But no love is shown back to me 
I thought we were one family hey, can anybody tell me why  

V2 - all lives matter that makes sense 
 but black lives don't get the same treatment 
 I am not lesser I'm 100% 
 I'm the descendant of kings and Prophets 
 Royal blood of the royalist continent  
my lineage is warriors doctors and scientists but 
 that's easy to forget when they treat you like a slave  
don't dismay I'm going to bring it back like a DJ  
what you're talking about, y'all sound cray 
Let the  love in it'll take the pain away 
 we shine the Light put it on display / for the people them lost in the disarray 
 unity is all we need every generation every color every creed  
if one of us oppressed then none of us is free 
 you can hear us down the street just as loud as we can be 


Bridge: God Bless humanity / i just hope they include me / one blood we all bleed/ one love one community

V3- Organize my brother ,power is with the people when we tight with another 
 it's divide and conquer like a mother /they some suckers trying to keep the truth wrapped in undercover 
 make room for the lovers no filters no buffers  
we loud we proud and we down the cause of ruckus yo 
 from the usher to the governor 
 respect color

do it for the culture!