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The Expanse  8.28.20

1. Enter The Expanse     

2. Your Mask   f/ Madame Snowflake                

3. Naturally    f/ Morea Nahani                

4. Buss It Up   f/ Gavinchi Brown                              

5. Too Late      f/ Madame Snowflake

 6. Expanse-lude

7. Stranger Things tt...

8. The World Is a Ghetto  f/ Morea Nahani

9. Your Masquerade        f/ Madame Snowflake

10. May The Expanse Be With You (Outro-lude)



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Happy New Year kinfolk.

covid still sux but The Creator is not surprised!

I've lost 2 loved ones so far to it so I take it 

serious, just me. Check out 





Ehh clearly I'm not the best blogger so if you see gaps just hit me on IG. aaaand if u don't have IG,  .1 of those has to work right! Naturally the music video ( above of course) dropped and I appreciate the LOVE! We had the illest time making it!

 A few friends came out, my guy Jamie brought a sick video camera and shot it. I took that footage and gave it to my man Fabian in Germany and he made the coolest edits! Most of what you see is his work but then one of my best friends on God's green Earth, SHAW aka SHAZZIE, a dope video editor and director himself...came and laid the craziest affect effects and edits ...BOOM BANG POW there it is!  NeXt entry i'll let yall in on the motivation and the writing process for the song. COVID is real.  Stay safe people ! God Bless





 LOOk Up!  Check out the new preview for the upcoming video " Naturally ".  Also up on the youtube channel .... SUBSCRIBE!!!

Slowly but surly I'll start adding at least 2 new videos a month. Interviews, Music, My friends, My family, geez my kids , all that!

Any suggestions get in touch and let me know.

Yall stay safe and BE SMART !! Thx 4 the Support .

God's Best



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My latest single Naturally is out on all platforms. Featuring the amazing vocalist Morea Nahani. If you've seen us live then you know this the song we usually open our sets with. This is our contribution to the love movement . Our piece of wood to keep the  fyah of change burning. Hate is taught, love comes Naturally.  Buy a copy and then you can listen to it EVEN  IF YOU LOSE SIGNAL !!

God's Best