If 1 of us is oppressed then None of us are free! This is a HUMANITARIAN effort.


V1 - What it do my brother
God ain't cool with how we treat one another
I am somebody I'm a son I'm a brother
I'm a father I'm a nephew I'm a soldier I'm a lover
I'm a man GotDam*t respect my life
and I know who I am can't lie to me twice
educate over hate let love leave the debate
the future is its taking the clock is ticking away
the light is shining a blaze the truth is taking the stage
some people been wearing masks before the first covid case
we in the streets let it be known
Wailing like Bob Marley them revolution
fist in the sky a million strong / another 10 waiting for word to get it on
black and white locking arms yellow, tan , brown palms
it just feels like the storm

We been asking for attention
But aint nobody listening
Our daughters coming up missing, can anybody tell me why
I show love like im suppose to be
But no love is shown back to me
I thought we were one family hey, can anybody tell me why

V2 - all lives matter that makes sense
but black lives don't get the same treatment
I am not lesser I'm 100%
I'm the descendant of kings and Prophets
Royal blood of the royalist continent
my lineage is warriors doctors and scientists but
that's easy to forget when they treat you like a slave
don't dismay I'm going to bring it back like a DJ
what you're talking about, y'all sound cray
Let the love in it'll take the pain away
we shine the Light put it on display / for the people them lost in the disarray
unity is all we need every generation every color every creed
if one of us oppressed then none of us is free
you can hear us down the street just as loud as we can be


V3- Organize my brother ,power is with the people when we tight with another
it's divide and conquer like a mother /they some suckers trying to keep the truth wrapped in undercover
make room for the lovers no filters no buffers
we loud we proud and we down the cause of ruckus yo
from the usher to the governor
respect color do it for the culture!