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this is dope.


More love more life
more determination and get some things right
love and hard but we acting like
somebody gone to die if we ain't first in line so
let the Chalice Blaze Let the Smoke fly
as the truth becomes clear you start to realize
you feel it in your heart you see it in your mind
you start to come alive Dilly Dilly let's try RIDE
this ain't the time for weak minds and soft spines
we crossing battle lines duck and dodging landmines
if you looking for love yo that's a tough find
in the land where the good and bad inner-twine
ask me how i know AYO i heard it thru the grapevine
hold up wait a minute like a stop sign,
you moving too fast choose what'll last time
cuz dudes crash going hard for that goal line

Que la vida no te rompa,
Aunque parezca que todo el mundo está en contra,
Dale duro y logra lo que te propongas,
La buena actitud con el dinero no se compra

Yo soy de los que no se rinden,
y a quedarme con todo yo vine,
que con amor el sufrimiento termine, termine,
que todo fluya y que nada se complique

el mundo se ha vuelto agresivo pero yo confío que,
somos mas lo que pensamos que con amor se va a resolver,
Nunca perdamos la fé, algo tenemos que hacer,
lo malo de mi pasado, ya olvidé y lo perdoné

One love, one life, one chance,
no pierdas la oportunidad
de empezar una vez mas

Verse 2
I'm in the streets with the Beasts trying to broker this peace
you better have respect when you speak to say the least
Mike got love from the West to the east
all points in the crease and that love is not cheap
I'm trying to get em on it but you gotta dig deep
cuz all the dirt they did 'll have you shoveling for weeks
cuz ain't no mercy when the thief catch you sleep
just another sad story in the paper to read
18 traded her rights for "likes" it seems
coulda been a queen she settled for Lesser things
but yo that money loud, that money screams
now the world trying to tell you just exactly who the be
got you standing on the brink got you circling the sink
they marketing mystique got you confused what to think
that's a GOD- Shape hole, you can't feel with nothing weak
them temporary highs gone be gone in a blink
but yo I'm in the street if you ever need to speak
y'all know MiC I put my life on these beats
word up!